Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Noble Sobriety of the Romanesque Style in the Cattedrale di Aosta

The style of the Cattedrale of Aosta is consistent with everything else about Aosta: rugged, hearty, unsophisticated, resilient, stunning, completely in tuned with the environment, completely in tuned with the character of its people.
The 44 meter high Romanic period
belltower of the Cattedrale della Assunta
 in Aosta.

The huge Romanic bell towers were
initially part of the defensive wall of
medieval Aosta 

The Gothic beamed vault of the
Cattedrale di Aosta

Hand carved chorus of the Cattedrale. Wood carving and
outstanding woodwork is everywhere to be seen in Aosta

The archway between the main altar of the church and the
main aisle was a common feature of late medieval architecture

Pulpit of the church.

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