Monday, March 27, 2017

Aosta City scenes from today.

Aosta is the first major city in Italy along the Via Francigena, or to speak in modern terms, along the tollway coming from France towards Torino and Milan.

Life is good for the people in Val d'Aosta, and Aosta is a beautiful city for people to live. We spoke with Maria, whose family comes from Southern Italy, and moved here when she was her 20's; "Aosta 'e una isola di tranquilita in Italia." (Aosta is like a lake of tranquility for Italy.)

It seems that every street we looked down, there was awaiting us a surprising and beautiful view of the nearby mountains.

We were fortunate to have lodged downtown in the historical quadrant of Aosta, with all the historical sites within walking distance.

Aosta is a very pleasant city to take a walk. For starters, the city is flat: something quite rare to find in Val d'Aosta.

Aosta has a particularity almost unique in the world, except for Rome, in that you can be walking down a street totally 19th Century in style, only to turn a corner to find ruins from the times of the Roman Empire and then turn up an alley with a totally medieval feeling.

Maria Stellaron or "Mary of the
Stars" is the invocation of this
wall painting.

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