What function does this blog serve?

As as Catholic, I can live my entire life, without an aestetic experience and be saved. Aestetic appreciation is not a prerequisite for entering into the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

Arte Sacro will not save a soul by itself. If we see something in Sacred Art, that moves us to change the way we evaluate people and situations we encounter in life, then, bingo, arte sacro is fulfilling a useful function. If it moves us toward helping others, then bingo, holy art is fulfilling a function. If we read or hear about an episode in the Holy Scriptures, but can't "picture" the event in our mind, then maybe Holy Art fulfills a function.

But what function doesn't this blog, Road of Faith and Art, serve?

I write a great deal about art and artists, but I see a lot of better technical blogs on art than Road. There are very good Blogs on places to visit and things to see. I am not a Theologian, nor an historian, although both fields fascinate me. On the other hand, I find it likely that hell could be as full of Theologians and Historians as thieves and murderers. 

Road of Faith and Art was born out of series of personal circunstances and needs. I do a good deal of traveling, and I am constantly tormented by my insatiable curiosity and nagged by the question 

I also suffer from a poor memory: so I write things down.
As I write this blog, it is like thinking "out loud", and the writing in itself, helps me try to stay focused as I go over the issue.
Who should receive the credit for all the beautiful churches in Christendom? God Almighty? Of course. The priests, friars, monks and  nuns? Of course. The laymen who give alms to have them built and beautified?. Of course. The artists? Of course.
The world is full of Arte Sacro. This is especially the case in countries such as Mexico and Italy. One major difference however between Mexico and Italy is that Mexico's Arte Sacro is subject to too much indifference. Apathy is the enemy! Changing this trend is my one-man crusade.

I enjoy "re-living" my experiences, going over the pictures and notes I have made, months later. It's a portable document,  always in my pocket,  in my smartphone,  for easy reference,  when someone asks me a question about one of these shrines we visited,  or wants to know what it looks like.

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