Friday, March 31, 2017

In search of the Holy Shroud of Torino, Part II, The River Po.

God must have a special predilection for the people of Turin. God gave them the Holy Shroud for safekeeping. But more than anything, God gave them the River Po.
Like all jewels, the River Po beautifies everything that comes within its vicinity. Even us human beings.

"The Po by day is like a shining bracelet..." 
"... and by night becomes a
necklace shimmering  in the
"The Po brings down the fresh
clear waters of the Alpine

"...yet frolics in the muddy banks
of every town and city she
"The Po moves slowly, not
feebly, on her majestic parade
"...never stopping, and rarely
causing a commotion."

"The Po brings life to the
fields in her valleys..."
"...a good catch for happy fishermn..."
" for the passing bird..."

"...a perfect place for a young couple´s
first kiss..."

"...the ideal setting for a picture
for love ones far away..."
"...and like every loving mother,
asks nothing in return."
Thank you for sharing this magical moment with us. Now it is your turn to come to Torino, to visit the Holy Shroud, and to fall in love with the River Po.

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