Thursday, April 6, 2017

In search of the Holy Shroud of Torino, Epilogue, The Bicerin at the Consolata

During the 5th Century AD, the Bishop Maximus had a Church erected on this spot,  dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew, with a chapel dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, with an icon, which over time was renown for its many miracles. 
The neoclassical façade was
added in the mid 19th century.
The Romanesque bell tower (picture below) of the Consolata dates back to the year 929 AD and  was attached to the corner torrents of the walls of the Roman fort which would eventually become the City of Torino. That year the Marquis Adalberto ordered a monastery to be built beside the church.
The Benedictine Monks ran the monastery of the Consolata for centuries.

The Santuario della Consolata
is an important Marian Shrine
and minor Basilica.

This chapel contains a relic of the Blessed Virgin
Mary which has been the object of great
veneration here in Torino. During the 12th
Century, a blind pilgrim came here, saying that
 the Blessed Mother had told him to visit this
shrine in his dreams. When the pilgrim arrived
here, he was recovered his sight.

A closer look at the chapel of
Our Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Sacrament is
exposed at the main altar in
a monstrance under the image
of the Blessed Mother with the
Infant Jesus.

The main altar is decorated in Rococo style and
features Salomonic pillars and a rich combination
of red and white marble.

Organ up on the balcony at the
back of the Church.

This side altar displays the
martyrdom of Saint Andrew.

Statue of the Consolata.

The Consolata was built in the
style of the ancient Roman

On the other side, we can see
the bell tower in the background.
"Much prayer makes a pilgrim hungry" is the old
saying. So after our visit to the Consolata, we
crossed the street and got into line to wait for a
table at one of the oldest coffee houses in the
world, the Bicerin.

We waited some 20 minutes for our table. 
(There are only 12 small tables, and space for
only about 30 people.) Meanwhile Estela
went into the store of the Bicherin to buy
some cookies. As you can see on the sign,
the specialty of the Bicerin is chocolate.

Estela and I enjoying our "Bicherin".

The Bicerin is an espresso
coffee with chocolate, and
whipped cream on top.

A Bicerin is so beautiful to look
at that you don't even want to
drink it.

This diploma certifies that the Bicerin has been
in business since 1763.

When you come to Torino, don't
miss the Holy Shroud! And don't
forget to try a Bicerin before you


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