Sunday, April 2, 2017

In search of the Holy Shroud of Torino, Part VI, The Bell Tower of the Cathedral

The "Campanile" or bell tower of the Cathedral of Torino was constructed between 1468 and 1469 by the Bishop, Giovanni di Compey.
The construction was financed by the Bishop, with funds from his family, one of the oldest and most prestigious nobles  of Torino,
In 1470, this bell tower received its first bells. Some of these bells might have come from a previous bell tower built in 1356. The older bell tower was torn down in 1491.

To climb to the top of the bell tower, Estela and I climbed 215 steps.
The bell tower is almost 60 (197') meters tall.

Difference between these bells
and the bells of the Cathedral of
Mexico City is that these bells
in Torino have side pulleys
which add to the inertia.

The top of the bell tower offers a wonderful view of the city of Torino.

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