Sunday, February 14, 2016

Martin Cabrera with themes related to the life of the Jesuits.

Miguel Cabrera was not a simple mercenary with a paint brush available to the top bidder. In his life, there was no breach between his private life and the subject matter of his paintings. Miguel Cabrera was not a man of great artistic talent, but he led an exemplary life, and as such was accepted into the Congregation of the Most Pure Conception, the most outstanding religious brotherhoods in the Nueva España during the XVIII century.

Patronage of the Virgin for the Jesuit
Congregation (La Compañia de Jesús)

Allegories of the Precious Blood of Christ

In the Exposition "Miguel Cabrera, Episodes of the Creation", which is in its lasts days at the National Museum del Virreinato", this Wednesday February 17th, our group, "Road of Faith and Art" will be witness to several works of "Illustrious Men" painted by Miguel Cabrera, related to the Congregation of the Jesuits, such as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Francis Borga, Stanislaus of Kostka and Luis Gonzaga, who we see in the picture below.
Saint Luis Gonzaga, Jesuit, curing a novice

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