Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Cathedral of Oaxaca, Our Lady of the Assumption

Started in 1535, and consecrated in 1733. One of the bell towers had to be rebuilt after the earthquake in 1931.
Back door to the Cathedral

Side entrance to the

View of one of the sides
of the Cathedral

Organ in main nave

The main Façade is flanked
by stone sculptures of
Saints Peter and Paul,
and is topped by a frieze of
Our Lady of the Assumption

Façade and left side of Cathedral
In front of main garden downtown Oaxaca

Closer look at stone figures
Façade of Cathedral

Detailed engraving on stone
pillars forming door frame.

Ornate carving of Arch and keystone.
Main entrance to Cathedral

Side Chapel of the Holy

Bronze sculpture of Our
Lady of the Assumption
by Todolini.

Dome and valut.

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