Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Santa Rosa de Viterbo Church, Queretaro

Before we leave Queretaro, I would like to talk to you about a church which I find both unique and beautiful, and in a very small space gives us a very full vision of Mexican Baroque Art.

We are looking from east to west on Calle Arteaga
as we see the bell tower and the side entrance of
Santa Rosa de Viterbo

Main altar cypress is the only neoclassical detail in the entire complex
of Santa Rosa Viterbo.

Main dome of Santa Rosa Viterbo

Closer view of the Cypress

The side altar retablo of
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Hand-carved wooden pulpit

Main nave and dome

View of the cloister at the
back of the church

Chapel area of the cloister

Crucifix and iron grate separation of the cloister

Vault of the nave.

The Sacristy of Santa Rosa de Viterbo is very large
compared to the size of the Church.

In the sacristy, we found a collection of
 life-size sculptures of "apostles".

View of the Church from
the sacristy.

The outside of Santa Rosa
is painted in a fashion
imitating stone walls-

This was part of the school
for young women run by
the sisters of Santa Rosa

Fountain in the former cloister

Lazio is the province in Italy, of which Rome is the capital. If you are driving down the autostrada or highway, coming down from Tuscany, about a half an hour before you come to the exit for Rome, you will see signs showing you a the exit for a small town, in Lazio, named Viterbo, set up on top of s hill.

Rosa of Viterbo wanted to become a nun, but her family couldn't raise the miney for her dowry.

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