Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Innsbruck's Cathedral, Dom zu St Jakob.

The Cathedral of Innsbruck, the Dom zu St Jakob, is a gem of baroque art and architecture, not to be missed is your pilgrimage take you to or through Innsbruck.

Façade and bell towers of
 Dom zu St Jakob, Innsbruck

The High Altar and Apse of Dom zu St Jakob, Innsbruck
The center jewel of the silver tabernacle of the High Altar
is Maria Hilf  (Maria Succor), the painting by
 Lucas Cranach the Elder

Dome helps enlighten Apse and Main Altar

Monumental Organ at the back of the Cathedral
Dom zu St Jakob, Innsbruck
Pulpit of Dom zu St Jakob brings
a touch of Churrigueresque Baroque
to the Cathedral
Side altar and canopied tomb
of Archduke Maximilian III of Austira,
Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights,
Dom zu St Jakob, Innsbruck
Ceiling Frescoes by German Painter Cosmas Damian
Asam using perspective illusion technique.

View of the set of three Ceiling Frescoes
with painted spandrels in each corner.

The stucco work surrounding the
frescoes was done by Cosmas'
brother Egid Quirin Asam
We shall meet the Asam brothers again, when we travel with Road of  Faith and Art to the Asam Church in Munish

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