Monday, May 18, 2015

Innsbruck and the Jesuitenkirche

Appropriately, the Jesuitenkirche is on Karl Rahner Platz. Karl Rahner, was one of the most influential Jesuit Theologians of the XX century, and leaving his mark on the Catholic Church, especially after Pope John XXIII appointed him peritus at the Second Vatican Council. Karl Rahner was professor here at the University in Innsbruck, during the 1930s, until the Nazis took control.
Karl Rahner Platz, site of the Jesuitenkirche,
Karl Rahner's dissertation Geist in Welt, shows how well he relates Thomas Aquinas concept of philosophy with Emmanuel Kant and especially with the Existentialism of Martin Heidegger.

Skyview of the dome and bell towers of the
Façade and main Entrance of the
Main altar of Jesuitenkirch

Baroque main altar and apse of

Main dome of Jesuitenkirche

Carved wooden stalls of Choir of Jesuitenkirche

Dome and transept of Jesuitenkirche


Baroque Pulpit of Jesuitenkirche

Organ loft

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