Monday, June 13, 2016

In Tepoztlan,the Pedro Lopez Elias Cultural Center, a state-of-the-art public library with private funds.

In the mid-16th Century, the Dominicans established a church, and then a monastery, which was the hub of their missionary activity in this part of New Spain.
These missionaries brought with them a new religion and a new culture to a people who already had their culture and their religion.

When Mexico became an independent nation in 1820, the government began organizing the public education system of schools and universities, so that even its poorest citizens have access to culture.

Some groups consider that the efforts of the Government are insufficient and they establish foundations aimed at establishing cultural centers, both in large cities, as well as in small remote and agricultural communities, as is the case of Tepoztlan.

Pedro Lopez Elias, a famous and eminent lawyer and writer, establish a cultural center featuring a state-of-the-art free library for the people of Tepoztlan: the Centro Cultural Pedro Lopez Elias.

One of the largest collections of the libraries deals with, understandably, law.

Political law section

Constitutional law section

Industrial property book section.

Older people's rights and law book section.

Reading room at the Library

Statue of Moses by Michelangelo
Tree of life-

Main hallway of the library lit up
by sun light. 


Here we have a view of the archway
on the second floor as well as the
main lobby on the bottom floor

The legend of the origins of Tepoztlan, as the serpent
devours the chief, who cuts his way free from the
belly of the snake.

Lorena Fragoso is the manager of the Library.

Stage of the outdoor theater of the Centro Cultural
Playground area of the Centro Cultural

Children's library.

Patrick Kavanagh with Lorena Fregoso

Estela enjoys the garden steps of the Centro

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