Thursday, January 21, 2016

La Catedral de Morelia, The Cathedral of Morelia, the Crown Jewel of Colonial Architecture.

Facing south on Benito Juarez Street shortly after sunrise, is one of the best ways to approach La Catedral de Morelia, possibly the most beautiful and magnificent Cathedrals in Mexico, and possibly one of the most balanced and elegant examples of Baroque architecture in the World.
Approaching La Catedral,
walking up Benito Juarez Street 
shortly after sunrise.
As we come up to the corner with
 Avenida Francisco Madero, we
have a more complete view of the
front atrium, the façade, and the
two bell towers.

Crossing Avenida Francisco
Madero, we now have a total view
of the front of La Catedral

This angle gives us a better idea
of how the 60 meter tall bell towers
are connected with the main body
of La Catedral
Facing west in the front atrium of
La Catedral, with the façade of the
Virrey de Mendona in the background.

The first rays of morning sunlight
come in from the eyelet windows
near the ceiling of La Catedral,
offering spectacular streams of 
golden hue for the western wall
 and pillars

The silver tabernacle in the main
altar of the La Catedral

Even at twilight the silver tabernacle
shines in the dark.
The morning sunlight lights up this mural painting
on the western wall, brightening up the tones and
colors for the first Mass at 7:00 am.
East side entrance that opens up to the transept.
Stone frieze of Our Lady of Guadalupe

After 9:00 am Mass, the sun lights up all the
statues of the façade of La Catedral


The west side entrance of the three
doors of La Catedral

The east side entrance of the three
entrances of La Catedral

View of the east side of La Catedral from the
Melchor Ocampo Plaza.

Lamppost in the Plaza de Melchor



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