Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Art and Treasures of Saint Michael Archangel Acatlan

The Saint Agustin Order in the XVI Century moved north from The Great Tenochtitlan,  towards the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, first establishing Acolman,  and then afterwards throughout the Valley of Pachuca and Tulancingo.  

 When I saw this gate leading to an open atrium in the little town of Acatlan, Hidalgo, I felt drawn in, pulled by the simple beauty and serenity, and the desire to discover the unknown or the forgotten.

For a town as small as Acatlan, the atrium of the church is impressively large.

The main entrance of the church, under the bell wall and beside the cloister

Main façade of Saint Michael Archangel.

The bell wall

The side entrance to the church. 

Atrium cross of Saint Michael Archangel
Main Altar of Saint Michael Archangel

Parish Priest of Saint Michael Archangel

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